From a Dark House

The sky keeps its service,
does not open. There is no sun
but no rain either. Dusk moves fast—
I do not see the shadows fade

Child of early night, I long to see you
Know this first of all: I will not hurt you
I am like a star, but less warm
There is no planet orbiting my center

and my planet has no star—
cast into the void, a silence takes hold
Thank you for still listening. I love you
but not without limit

The long-travelled sea, the meadow
empty in spring. We go through all of this
for what? A blue mountain
fixed on the horizon—a tree

that we think is tall, but is not so
when we approach it, moving nearer
to that mountain, which is in a storm
and on its slopes, has frozen snow

Yet when we walk, I feel at ease
The distance fades—into small ice canyons
air passes like a well-made road
with no dimensions, and no rival

as there is no second sun
in binary with our own. I hope that you
can see this. That you look up
at the eclectic sky and see one tone

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