Awarded Best Student Magazine in the Country by the Society of Professional Journalists in 2021!

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The New Journal prints 1,000 issues five times per year. We are the only campus magazine which distributes with both Yale and New Haven in mind: we are proud to have a wide local readership, and we distribute to many local businesses throughout East Rock and downtown New Haven.

In 2022, the Society of Professional Journalists named The New Journal as the “Best College Magazine in the Country.” Copies of our issues, filled with longform narrative reporting and slices of life from across the city, fly off the shelves in campus dining halls and New Haven businesses alike. The New Journal has also received past recognition from Rolling Stone and The Atlantic.

Past advertisers run the gamut from local restaurants and businesses, to University departments, and even to Apple. In addition to a variety of layouts for print and online ads, we also offer ad design services for your convenience and aesthetic pleasure.

Interested? Click here to see our print advertising contract with rates for various ad layouts and sizes. To inquire further, or to ask about placing an online ad, reach out via e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected].