close proximity to a god of the industrial workforce

me and god,
we took three trains to get from

one side of the city to another
in those long rambling railway hours

we exchanged the words of               lovers
oh ! but god’s                                     laughter!

oh ! but god’s                                    whispers!
there was something more than love there

but never one to follow through
god vanishes at the end of the track

me and you,
we have a few hours to kill

before the city unbuttons
and reaches its arms to ring the bell

that signals the end—
or is it the start?—
to industrial workday melancholia

we are somewhere stumbling
through the attics of our adolescence

in home-again! abandon
why not look for god           here?

god is lurking in the blood-let
factory! god is lurking in the eyes of the night watchman!
god is lurking in beads of blood on your skin!
god is inhuman!

god knows laughter
god knows whisper
god                                                          does not know love!

– Sohum Pal is a junior in Branford College.

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