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Editor’s Note: Vol. 53, No. 1

Dear readers,

Whether you are reading this note from a park bench in New Haven, your childhood bedroom, or a place you’ve never lived before, we hope these stories bring you back home to our city. We’re wading through a season of uncertainty and settling into strange new patterns—wearing face masks while racing against essay deadlines and struggling to stay together while speaking over blurry video calls. You may be socially distancing and physically alone as you read this, but we hope the voices and experiences that our writers have brought to the page bring you a renewed sense of intimacy and community. 

We bring to you the voices of those struggling to find vibrancy and beauty in their religious practice despite the closing of synagogues throughout the city. We follow the stories of international Chinese students stuck between two clashing nations at the brink of conflict, and students fighting to disarm the Yale Police Department. We enter the studios and headspaces of New Haven artists and grapple with the idea of how politics and art should intertwine. Slip into the group chats of Librex’s student content moderators, discover what Yale did during the last global pandemic, and more.

We’re so glad our magazine ended up in your hands. 


Helena & Candice

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