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Editor’s Note: Vol. 53, No. 2

Dear readers,

We’re writing this as dried leaves fall around us; even as the pandemic increasingly causes separation, it also drives us outdoors. Pass by Yale on an average autumn afternoon, and though the bustling dining halls of Yale’s past are at a standstill, you’ll see students spreading picnic blankets in courtyards and venturing to greenspaces in search of foliage during this beautiful time of the year. 

In this issue, our writers follow suit and venture into the great outdoors. We embark on an actual goose chase in search of the deeply buried history of New Haven’s waterfowl wars, and spend a day in the fields with one of Connecticut’s most beloved organic farmers. We stroll through Edgewood Park and examine the powerful volunteer force that keeps New Haven’s parks beautiful, then move onto sidewalks to discuss the controversy surrounding historical building preservation. Then we finally go indoors to visit an iconic sweaty nightclub of months past, a secretive Yale corporation boardroom, and Yalies’ love lives during the pandemic. 

We hope you enjoy the fresh air.

Candice and Helena

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