1. Write your creed on a napkin, assuming you have one.

1a. If you don’t have a creed, one is provided for you here:

A cholesterol breakfast,
cracked egg shells on the counter.

A cold breakfast of yogurt and string cheese.

A continental breakfast delayed by
inclement weather.

Orange juice flood
when the porcelain breaks.

Shades of beautiful pollution
in the sunrise.

Orange juice filling the Grand Canyon
on given Thursdays.

2. Sing your creed by the lakeside.
3. Sing your creed at dawn.
4. Sing your creed in the town square.
5. Sing your creed in the fitting room.
6. Take your creed to the church and slip it inside the book of psalms.
7. Sing your creed to the heavens.
8. If they dance, keep singing your creed.

8a. If they do not dance, keep singing your creed.


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