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Missed Connections Poetry: New Haven Edition

The Have Cave has always been a city of connection, since even before its Puritan times. People pair up here constantly—for the night, for a year, and, not infrequently, for their lives. It can happen in a freshman entryway or at Toad’s, and in Claire’s Corner Copia or on the Green. But these can also be, and often are, momentary couplings. The following poems are entries on the “missed connections” section of the New Haven Craigslist page from November, with added line breaks and titled by listing headings.

Guy with dad at Yale Hospital

I saw you in the waiting room with your dad,

I believe he had an oxygen tank. He said,

“I’m a regular here” to a woman talking to

the both of you in a wheelchair. We made

eye contact a few times, you had brown hair that

went around your eyebrows.

oh. wow.

well then

let’s not talk of love

or chains

or things we can’t untie

better yet,

let’s not forget

how much cooler it would have been

had i met you at 28

and not 18.

or if there were only

a 12-year age difference and

not a twenty-plus difference.

Waiter at Miya Sushi

To the cute waiter

at Miya sushi

I hope you see this!

(We made a lot of

eye contact but

I was with my friend and

I didn’t want to be rude.)
Missed you at the meeting

Saw you at the technology meeting yesterday.

Sitting along the wall, you had a blue shirt and

dark pants while I had short hair and was dressed in

a tan shirt and sipped a small coffee, seated with

the group on the large table. I could hardly

keep myself from looking at you the whole time

which was likely obvious to you. We walked

out the door together but I missed the chance to

speak to you even as we walked down the hall

next to each other. I followed you down the stairs

and as you exited the building we separated.

We appear to be partners in related organizations

and I would really like to find out who you are.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about you.

food vendor

10AM most weekdays. I walk by.

Most of the warm days you were outside and

we said hello. Occasionally a brief conversation.

Sometimes I thought that perhaps you were

waiting for me.

But now it is cold and you are

working inside. Makes sense to me. I see you but

I don’t get to say hello. If you would like

we could meet somewhere after work.

A drink or some coffee. We could say hello.

One time you mentioned your weekend job.

Let me know what that is so I know it is you.

Payne Whitney gym

Hey this was a few weeks ago but we

made eye contact through the mirror,

and you started adjusting yourself.

Was a little too preoccupied to notice,

but would definitely be interested in

meeting up. Let me know what I looked like and

what I was doing, and we can go from there?

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