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Editor’s Note: Vol. 53, No. 3

Dear readers,

What a year it has been. Now that classes have spun to a close, Yale has sent us away from those we know, back to childhood desks or warmly lit kitchens. We once again find ourselves in cocoons of at-home isolation, this time with the hope of normalcy on the horizon. But for now, while we wait out what we hope will be one last winter of solitude, there is no choice but to reflect on this past, strange year. 

That’s what our writers have done. This issue of The New Journal includes more poetry, creative essays, and fiction than we’ve ever featured before. Each piece is intimate—when our writers tell their stories, you’ll get to know a bit about them, too.

We hope that reading through this magazine will give you a little reprieve from the world. 

Helena & Candice

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