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ABeCeDarian in E Major

After dark it is easier to see
Cities with ice
Dancing just out of reach.
Everyone is an element, afraid to
Fuse, compound or
Group together, instead we are inert
Helium, only wanting to float up
Into air.
Jealousy is rust and it
Kisses sweet oxygen which 
Lingers because it is
More than
Opening eyes is as hard as
Plasma solidifying into
Quilts of passionate stillness, and while
Rubber bands pull and snap,
Staying put is harder. Electrons
Taste like lemon, smile like
Under-eye bags, sound like
Vacuums scraping up shards of
White painted porcelain.
Xenon is noble, we all want to be noble, but
You are different, you melt and mold and
Zero me down to nothing.
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