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Meditation on Monday Honey

After Craig Arnold’s “Meditation on a Grapefruit” 

To wake bare feet 

into cool tile    glassied by

the pall of night

the promise of morning

          To yawn toes apart

at the chill     stamping

sole into ceramic

             To corpse to the kitchen 

to show you love    despite 

the call of night 

the promise of morning 

     To rustle the silverware 

into windchime laughter          to grab 

the smallest spoon     still 

stained with 

yesterday & the hardness

of its leftbehind water

 To sticky thumbs 

on smooth glass     the lid gasping 

itself open     the sweet 

sailing into stale air  

To lower slow as syrup     to dip 

to click against jarbottom     to lift  

& to unspool gloss ribbons 

like confessions 

To twirl spidersilk laces 

into one another     spiraling metal

so sugar eats sugar 

like blown glass 

& only then to contour lips 

to the curve 

             to taste 

                the tacky  

                       the treacle  

                           and trickle 

into the promised morning 

a softening the sink 

each day slipping 

each day sticking

—Isabel Menon

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