Wait What’s the Question?

I got us a mystery and I need you!   I’ll say when
Can you make magic with how about this?

The mountain is not preserving    I don’t care about the dirt in my mouth
I need to grab on to this rope of yours

Is the water broken?    Is that a tree or a grave?
Yes   without a wing it’s not a ship    but I found all the animals on that day

Who here can keep promises?
Nobody    Throw your clock out the window if you want it to be night time

Here’s the thing I’m a negotiator    Here’s the thing things have names
I think they were gold purple yellow orange and red!

Let’s do that every single day    We have everything we need in the wheelberry
and I’m always watching    I’m not a door    I want a rematch

The twenty-two phrases printed above were spoken by twenty-two different kids, ages 5-12, at Common Ground, a high school, urban farm, and environmental education center in West Rock. The writer worked there as a counselor this summer.


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